The Grey Area


A most satisfactory day’s trading with the Imperial Guard. The poor devils are so desperate for supplies, their Commanding Officer, Major Dalton, barely stopped to read the fineprint when we settled a trade deal with them.

The lucky dozen guardsmen that were part of the transaction must have felt like the Emperor’s chosen, getting off that iceball.

Normally Imperial presence in-system would mean annoying oversight on trade, but war means profit, and it will be joyous to see that pig of a Governor sweat – figuratively speaking…

A sharp lesson in double-checking consignment.
Somehow Tristan and Anastasia both managed to track us through the Warp, using beacons on one of our cargo hauls.

If Bones hadn’t alerted us, their combined firepower could have reduced us to wreckage. As it was, the Kapitan had enough time to formulate a plan to ruse them.

As soon as we dropped out of Warp, the Grey Area’s superior manoeuvrability and speed allowed us to buy time to put the plan into effect, while the Kapitan hailed the damnable swine.

The Explorator and Astropath were able to mesh skills beyond my ken and fake a Warp jump, while we rigged the ship to run silent until we were out of immediate danger.

Tristan took the bait and fatally entered the warp –apparently without coherent co-ordinates- immediately losing their Navigator and Gellar Field, leaving them wide open to the full brunt of the Chaos within.

By the time we resumed scanning, Tristan’s ship was a disabled hulk, and he was more than ready to abandon ship and become our hostage.
The Emperor’s mercy on any of his crew if any Chaos entities followed them out. We shall be sure to spread the word on the self-serving actions of their Kapitan.

On a less pleasing note, even though the Black Attitude was unable to track us, Anastasia apparently guessed our ruse and stayed in-system, getting a head start on the search for the prize.



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