The Grey Area


Promising leads from that fat fvck Planetary Governor’s casino. Not my preferred kind of employer generally, but the right kind do float into his substantial orbit.

As well as potential business partners, I believe I noticed ranking officials of the Ecclesiarchy and the Adeptus Arbites. Hypocrites. At least we never misrepresent our morals, hence the name of our illustrious vessel.

It was a neat bit of work by the Kapitan and [the Arch-militant], dispatching a would-be suicide bomber before he could assassinate the governor. Should earn us some favour, though I wonder if the governors demise wouldn’t have been more enjoyable. Certainly for the poor bastrds on security detail.

Unfortunate however, that in the resulting commotion, I was unable to trail the contact that left us the vox and an enticing lead regarding a star map.

Between the lead and the gun-running job, things could have been worse, but I am glad to get off this rotten Hive world and back to the comforting warp-drive hum of the Grey Area.

The map-case we beamed aboard is even more intriguing than first guessed. The opening mechanism hints of ArcheoTech, lending credence to it’s authenticity, as did the identity of our employer in this matter, once we worked it out.
I know the Kapitan would like to have first choice of the spoils, but Crimson is not to be crossed.
She may seem like just a spirited girl, but it takes ice in your veins to be the kingpin of a system like this



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