The Grey Area

Captain's Ledger, 9 0510 014.M41

Thought for the Day: A fine mind is a blessing of the Emperor – it should not be cluttered with trivialities.

Transaction Record:

  • Successfully delivered our cargo of Imperial Guard weaponry to a Throne-foresaken iceball in the outer system. Delivery taken by one Major Dalton, who is apparently provisioning a Guard contingent to overthrow corrupt planetary governor XXX. Payment recieved in full; several million thrones deposited to the Petty Transactions treasury. Also acquired a score of trained Guardsmen; they will be assimilated into the Grey Area’s marines.
  • The real achievement was in negotiating an ongoing delivery agreement. Some masterful negotiating by Number Two resulted in a very rewarding payment rate; Dalton must be desperate. Additionally, we are well positioned to be in favour with the Imperial presence should the purge succeed, or to inform the governor of the Guard base should they prove unequal to the task. Jolly good show all round.
  • Tristan Vorgen, fellow rogue trader and Captain of the Stately Rook, was rescued from his badly damaged ship. He is now our “esteemed guest”; I’m sure his family will be very grateful when we are able to deliver him safely back to them.

Future Activity:

  • Locate a source of armaments with which to supply Major Dalton. Crimson may prove a viable supplier?
  • Add a detailed auspex scan of the ship to our pre-departure routine. Can’t be having any bounders trailing us in the Warp again.
  • The possibility of combat is imminent; ensure the murder-servitors are in peak condition, and the point-defense crews are well drilled.

Crew Commendations:

  • The Grey Area has been in dock for a while, but thanks to our dauntless Explorator, everything was running perfectly. It appears his… “experiments” are keeping him in a good mood; will let that continue for now.
  • Vendigroth selflessly volunteered to accompany Mr Brantt on the shuttle, despite the potential danger. Well done that man.
  • The engine-crew of Mersey Deck carried out the silent running actions flawlessly; an extra ration of grog for them!

Discipline Notes:

  • Both Mr Brantt and Number Two failed to detect the tracking beacons; perhaps a review of ship security is in order?
  • Vendigroth selflessly volunteered to accompany Mr Brantt on the shuttle, despite the potential danger. Quite out of character; keep an eye on him.

Personal Observations:

A successful several weeks; a delivery completed, a new customer, and a high-value ransom. The crew are performing admirably; I think after our lengthy spell in dock, they are fair itching to get back into action.

The breach in our security is troubling; while our machinations appear to have taken Vorgen out of the running, we will still need to deal with Mistress Anastasia. That damnable woman has the jump on us, and Emperor take me, I’ll not let her get first chance at whatever lies in this system. Fortunately, the Grey Area is much quicker than her ship; fates willing, we’ll beat her there yet!



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