The Grey Area

Captain's Ledger, 9 1611 014.M41

Thought for the Day: Facts are chains that bind perception and fetter truth. For a man can remake the world if he has a dream and no facts to cloud his mind.

Transaction Record:

  • After a somewhat tense exchange, we successfully negotiated with Lady Anastasia following our engagement with the Tyranid craft. We convinced her that a conflict between ourselves would be unprofitable, and furthermore that it was only our mighty psyker who prevented the Tyranid hive from awakening.
  • After leaving the system, a catalog of our haul of archaeotech turned up several items of note: a finely crafted power-fist, delicately balanced; a strange suit of chitinous armour, with stealth capability; and a large sealed vault and matching key.
  • The vault contained an amazing prize; a portion of an ancient star-map, detailing the Expanse. While the device is incomplete, it is a treasure beyond value. If we were to complete it, we would hold the key to immeasurable wealth and power.
  • Arriving at our destination, I thought it prudent to leave the strange golden sarcophagus in deep space, where it could be retrieved at a later date. However, it then occurred to me that it was a far better plan to keep it close, and bring it in system. Most of the bridge crew agreed, so it appears to have been the wisest plan.
  • Successfully negotiated the return of Tristan Vorgen to his family. While the Thrones in our vaults were excellent recompense, the look of disappointment on his father’s face was even more precious. I suspect, however, that we have made few friends in that dynasty!
  • Met with Crimson, to conclude our business dealings. Given her pick of the archeotech we returned with (less, of course, the incomplete star-map), she took the sarcophagus away with her. I was both reluctant to let it go, and strangely relieved to have it off our ship. Most curious.
  • We also discussed with Crimson the current state of the system. Neither of us has any desire for a more “restrictive” rulership, and we are both well aware of the potential profits to be made from things as they stand. I think we have an understanding, and her criminal network backed with our ship could make for a very strong force in the sector.
  • We brought our beloved Grey Area into drydock, to be repaired of the damage suffered during our encounter. The crew are availing themselves of the planet’s bars and brothels, and the deck-masters are busy recruiting to replace our fallen shipmates. The bridge crew are also taking advantage of the time in port to acquire items to assist in our journey.
  • The mighty claw of the Tyranid vessel is being mounted in our trophy hold; jolly impressive it is too!

Future Activity:

  • Repairs to the Gray Area continue. With the crew replenished, and their morale in fine form after our glorious victory and subsequent celebrations, we now await the completion of the refurbishment of our armour.
  • Sales of the recovered archaeotech to the eager markets of the system bring more Thrones into our coffers. There are plenty of eager buyers for the trinkets we collected. A most profitable venture!
  • The portion of the star-map we recovered is only part of the puzzle. If we can track down the remainder, and have the device fully functional, the Expanse is ours for the taking!
  • We also seek a warp-capable tug to bring the grand cruiser back to dock; I am in the process of negotiating the hire of such a vessel.

Crew Commendations:

  • Vendegroth played a vital role in convincing Anastasia that his mighty will alone held back the full wrath of the Tyranid hive. If she had decided to betray our agreement, the resulting combat could have been… unpleasant.
  • Mr Lorrayne is managing the repairs to the Gray Area superbly. His technical knowledge and contacts in the forges are proving invaluable. With luck, his tinkering with the confiscated power armour will also soon see fruition.
  • Mr Brannt successfully maintained discipline on board the ship, providing both a reassuring presence for the crew and physical protection for the bridge. In addition, he successfully led the armsmen to repel the Tyranid boarders who made it onto our beloved Gray Area.
  • And Number Two continues to be an invaluable source of advice, contacts, and information. Without his encyclopedic knowledge and web of agents, our negotiations with Lady Anastasia, the Vorgen Dynasty, and Crimson would have been fraught with peril.

Discipline Notes:

  • The new crew members taken on board are to be screened, and watched carefully. While most will be overjoyed at the chance to leave the hive for the dark expanse of space, we must be vigilant for anyone seeking to infiltrate our ship.
  • The sarcophagus seemed to cause some dissension within the crew; I hope none of them were weak-willed enough to have been influenced by it!

Personal Observations:

  • Despite the loss of their captain, and subsequent deaths by warp horror, the crew of the Stately Rook seem determined to follow the Gray Area. The Warp is indeed a strange and accursed place; it chills my heart to ponder the blasphemies to which they are being subjected.
  • On the positive side of the ledger, I cannot think of a more deserving fate of the Tyranid hive than being devoured by that very same warp abomination!
  • First the potential salvage of a grand cruiser, and now the discovery of possibly the most valuable archaeotech item we could hope to discover. The future for the Ramirez dynasty is looking bright!



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