The Grey Area

Captain's Ledger, 9 1910 014.M41

Thought for the Day: Study the alien, the better to kill it

Transaction Record:

  • Made contact with a group of rather bedraggled pirates, stranded in-system since losing their warp drive. They have agreed to work with us, helping to locate interesting ruins and avoid unfriendly forces, in return for our help in leaving the system
  • And the void-ship of these stranded pirates? Nothing less than a Grand Cruiser! The potential salvage alone, let alone getting it running again…
  • After exploring a remarkable ruin on the main inhabitable planet, we located several archaeotech items, including a jump-pack, a power fist, a rather handsome set of chitin armour, and a key-shaped object of unknown purpose. The crew will analyse these when opportunity presents.

Future Activity:

  • Located a strange, organic planetoid, that appears to be composed entirely of xenos creatures. Despite their mere existence being mostly rumour, Number Two identified them as Tyranids. Their fearsome reputation is one thing, but actually encountering them sends a chill to my very core. Must recommend Exterminatus, to be carried out by a suitable authority.
  • Unfortunately, the hive planet has its own agenda, and has sent out a projectile of some kind, likely some hideous organic ship. We have a week to prepare ourselves; Throne protect us!
  • Continue to scout the system for potential components to get the Grand Cruiser space-worthy; even if we have to tow it to port, what a prize it would make!

Crew Commendations:

  • Vendigroth plundered the memories of the pirate Rufus, ensuring no treachery or duplicity was planned. I have no idea how he wields these powers, and Emperor be praised, hope never to have to.
  • Number Two has done fine work, scouring the Librarium for any mention of these Tyranids. I fear we may need this knowledge sooner rather than later.
  • Mr Lorrayne successfully retrieved a number of cogitator storage devices from the ancient Imperial ruins. With the Emperor’s blessing, hopefully he can wrest some information from them to aid us, or at least explain what has happened here.
  • Mr Brantt deftfly handled the organisation and deployment of our armsmen; his dedication to the safety of the crew is admirable.

Discipline Notes:

  • Ensign Roy displayed a frankly insubordinate manner; some time in Squadron D may cause him some self-reflection.

Personal Observations:

Emperor be praised, a Grand Cruiser! Throne, imagine the acclaim if House Ramirez could field such a craft! It would require significant repairs, but think of the rewards…

By my count, there are currently at least three warp-capable vessels in-system; The Grey Area, Anastasia’s Black Attitude, and Tristan’s Stately Rook (though currently missing a Gellar Field). If we could make the Rook warp safe, and locate a replacement Gellar Field for the Grand Cruiser, we may have enough power to get our impromptu armada safely back to civilization. I wonder what the most efficacious method to persuade Anastasia’s compliance would be?

Also, the presence of archaeotech items in the ruins suggests a potential treasure trove. Hopefully, we can avail ourselves of it before these thrice-damned xenos force our hand!



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