The Grey Area

Captain's Ledger, 9 2610 014.M41

Thought for the Day: No man died in the Emperor’s service that died in vain

Transaction Record:

  • Retrieved a strange artifact from the planet’s surface; a golden sarcophagus housing a human baby, engraved with a message that this is a clone of the Blessed Emperor himself! Vendegroth tells me it is howling with psychic energy. I’m unsure if it was wise to bring it aboard, but it is too valuable to leave behind.
  • A week of scavenging the ruins has filled our holds with a dizzying array of archaeotech items. Most will be of little value, but already we have found some items of great interest. Further examination is definitely in order.
  • We also have acquired some potentially very valuable information. After a fierce battle, we have proof positive of the existence of these Tyranids, as well as their strange biological vessels and their tactics and capabilities in combat. I imagine there will be several parties quite interested in this information.

Future Activity:

  • Our most pressing matter is convincing our erstwhile ally Anastasia not to take advantage of our temporarily weakened state. This will certainly require some delicate negotiation…
  • The Grey Area also needs some significant repairs after our battle. While no critical systems were damaged, the hull armour needs urgent attention. We will likely need to leave the system very shortly.
  • The haul of archaeotech needs to be examined for useful items. In particular, the large sealed vault that appears to match the key we located earlier seems especially promising.

Crew Commendations:

  • Nearly 6000 crew were lost during the engagement. A memorial service will be held to honour their memory, and their names inscribed on the Roll of Fallen Heroes in the chapel. Their sacrifice will not be forgotten.
  • The bridge crew of The Grey Area performed admirably, with cool heads and dedication. Mr Lorrayne pushed the ship to her limits, coaxing the utmost from the engine crews and her machine spirit. Vendegroth’s skill with the augurs allowed us to identify and target the Tyranid threats, and his disruption of their psychic connection proved pivotal in our victory. Number Two commanded the helmsmen with a voice of iron and the steady hand of a combat veteran. And Mr Brantt’s precision co-ordination of the gunnery crews and our mighty macrobatteries allowed us to deal the enemy a fatal blow. All of them are to be commended for their heroic actions; when we reach civilization again, rewards are definitely in order.
  • Also of note is their willingness to speak their minds, even when they are in disagreement with their Captain. I value their opinions in all matters, and though the decision to engage was ultimately mine, I thank them for both their different points of view, and their loyalty in service of House Ramirez.

Discipline Notes:

  • The crew’s morale is somewhat shaken after our engagement. A period of shore leave and relaxation is definitely in order once we make it back to a safe port.
  • Any crew member found to be intentionally weakening morale, or contemplating sedition and mutiny, will be dealt with summarily.

Personal Observations:

  • By the Throne, Number Two was right about the threat the Tyranids pose! I have encountered many dangerous xenos in my time, but nothing like these abominations. The Emperor only knows how many more of them lurk within that hive planet…
  • That said, we were so close to a crushing victory! The crew performed marvelously, and but for a couple of unlucky turns, we could have escaped unscathed. Still, fortune favours the bold, and now we must play the hand we have been dealt.
  • It pains me sorely to abandon a prize like a grand cruiser. Perhaps there is yet some way to get her back to dock?



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