The Grey Area

Engineers log – Supplemental

During an away mission where our ship was looking for contacts or rather contracts, to future trade deals, an epiphany struck me.

If I am to ascend past having my soul tied to a weak meat sack of a body, I should learn what makes flesh and bone so susceptible to damage and decay. Simple reverse engineering, so far I have even learn a thing or two that surprises me about skin and bone…

Case in point, while we were negotiating a deal planet side, a rather large sweaty man burst through the cantinas door, blubbering something about killing another an equally sweaty patron of the bar.

(Side note: I should review vid footage from my eye recorder to flush out the detail on this)

Now it appeared the 1st sweaty man had a rather large explosive device strapped to himself and then started running towards the 2nd sweaty man .

(Side note: I do find it hard to tell these meat suits apart sometimes…)

At this point he was crippled by a shot from the pistol of our ships 2nd, which brought the man to his knees. Quickly followed up by a shot to the head from our Captain. Now this is where my interest actually peaked, upon having his head exploded, sweaty man #1 actually got up and started running around in a random circuit of sorts for about 20 seconds.

It is this kind of thing that I wish to look into, for instance imagine the tactical benefits of being able to complete a task after suffering a fatal wound!

How did this moist sack of meat manage stay on his feet!?!

Upon recovering from the would be attack, the intended target, proclaimed that all the attackers family, friends and neighbors would be exterminated, he then had a change of heart and proclaimed that 20,000 people to lived in the same area were to be put to death…

Ahhh meat suits how emotional and impractical you all are.

This did afford me an opportunity however to further my research, once back on the ship I ported around 2 dozen people from the affected area aboard and have been carrying out experiments trying to reproduce the above incident… So far I have had little luck with my various decapitation and head implosion experiments.

But my work in this area will have to wait, we have been “delivered” a Archantech star map, with coordinates to a proverbial lost treasure chest of items from the past or so we would be lead to believe…

I am sure this map comes with a huge amount of strings attached to it and may quite possibly spell the doom of us all but if someone is will to give away (or steal and then pass on…) a map that itself is worth a star ship, there must be some truth in what they are promising.

Of course we are all sceptical of the situation but greed, desire and curiosity are powerful motivators…



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