The Grey Area

Explorators Log #2

I do hate the Warp sometimes...

So after dropping off our cache of weapons on some back water ice ball, it actually turns out that we are resupplying the Imperial forces themselves. As they aim to over throw the would be governor of this sector who is to corrupt even for the Imperiums taste.

Of course our Captain instantly see’s how a profit could be turned here and strikes a deal to keep the supplies rolling in to the imperial guard forces and was rewarded with a squad of guardsmen to add to our crew. Of course our Captain intends to play both sides and…. Actually I don’t care what the silly meat bags get up to. Buying and selling, profit and lose, I care not for these things… Stupid Humans….

What does concern me is while in the warp, on our way to the Archnotech star maps coordinates, I was stuck by a vision our ship being turned into a sickening living organism!! It’s sleek hull replaced with skin, it’s metallic inners replaced with bone and sinew, the hum of the engine drowned out by the pulse of a heart beat… Truly one of my worst fears ever, beautiful tech replaced with weak flesh. Thankfully I managed to shake these hallucinations off!

During this time we found we were being followed by 2 other Trader ships and after a search of the ship we located a pair of homing beacons, around this time we were forced to drop out of the Warp early as something huge (and one can only guess unfriendly) was heading towards us.

Upon dropping out of the warp we found it was Anastasia Vicktrix and XXXXXXXX, who were trying to best us to the Archontech treasure!
Of course we could not let this happen and we quickly came up with a plan to run “dead” as it were and thereby making our pursuers think we had jumped again, forcing them to do the same.

This tactic only worked on XXXXXXXX who as it later turned out jumped only to encounter the entity that we dropped out of the warp to avoid in the 1st place. Let us just say his ship did not fare well…

We “invited” Captain XXXXXX to join us while his ship was undergoing “repairs”…. well this is what the rest of the officers said but I must be misunderstanding the situation as it seems that we have taken Captain XXXXXX prisoner and will be selling him back to his family at the first chance we get…. I truly do not understand the subtleties of the fleshy ones sometimes…
One the plus side, Captain XXXXXX did bring over an escort with him, who were armed with 2 full power armour suits! I nearly flooded my robes with lubricant at the sight of these!

Of course we liberated these suits of armour for our own purposes. I am already in the process of re-sizing one of the suits for our ships Arch-Militant while the other I plan to either use myself or graft on to one of the recently acquired Imperial guards men, mind whip him and then rig some kind of remote control implant within his skull, I have yet to decide which option is more beneficial as yet.

Next we turn our attention to Anastasia Vicktrix…



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