The Grey Area

Captain's Ledger, 9 0802 015.M41

Thought for the Day: Only the awkward question; only the foolish ask twice.

Transaction Record:

  • Having reached the emergency beacon of the Void Shark, we arrived to witness the Gargoyle emerging from the Warp, aflame and badly damaged. Shortly thereafter, the warp core exploded, taking the frigate with it. Of the Void Shark, there was no sign, despite the beacon continuing to broadcast.
  • Our navigator peered into the Warp to try to ascertain the cause of this accident. Nothing appeared to explain the damage, but in the Warp, the seemingly-intact Optic lay before us.
  • With all three of the Vorgen ships accounted for, we returned to the starport to regroup. We located a warp-tug to collect the grand cruiser, and took advantage of the downtime to refit the Grey Area’s warp drive with the archaeotech engine we liberated from the space pirates.
  • With the refit completed, and awaiting the arrival of the warp-tug, we returned to investigate the Optic. After examining the ship from the Warp, and observing the Gellar Field was still intact, we decided to board and investigate.
  • After bringing the vessel back to real-space, we formed a boarding party to claim the ship. We landed without incident, and quickly located the engine room and bridge. No sign of any crew at all; Number Two has examined the ship’s log, so hopefully he will have some answers for us soon.

Future Activity:

  • Once we have control of the Optic, we need to get her crewed and resupplied. That will give us some significant firepower!
  • When the warp-tug arrives, we will rendezvous with the grand cruiser, and tow her back to port too.
  • With a new warp drive, the Grey Area has the space and surplus power for some new upgrades. Must talk to some contacts about what we can source.
  • Once Number Two has deciphered the Optic’s log, we’ll need to determine what happened to the crew.
  • And we have rumours of the location of another portion of the Star Map. Definitely a high priority to follow up!

Crew Commendations:

  • The crew have remained calm in the face of adversity, worked hard to overcome the obstacles in our path, and have not been afraid to voice dissenting opinions. Jolly good work all round!

Discipline Notes:


Personal Observations:

  • With the immediate threat of the Vorgen Dynasty subverted, and several grand opportunities for profit beckoning, now is the time to strike! Destiny is calling, and House Ramirez will not be found wanting.
Captain's Ledger, 9 1101 015.M41

Thought for the Day: What fear of death have we who know there is immortality in the great and noble deeds of men?

Transaction Record:

  • The lovely Crimson provided us with the location of Tristan Vorgen within the Underhive, so Mr Brannt, Mr Lorrayne, and I decided to “re-acquire” him as a potential bargaining chip in our up-coming conflict.
  • After infiltrating the Underhive through the, ugh, waste transit network, we located Vorgen’s potential hideout. Half a dozen guards were situated outside. A brief firefight ensued, which ended with us subduing a masked figure wielding two fine power swords. While we initially supposed this to be Vorgen, it was instead revealed to be a female assassin of unknown provenance.
  • Once she was rendered unconscious, we teleported her back to the Grey Area for interrogation. However, due to an unfortunate teleportarium mishap, she did not arrive as intended; or, for that matter, at all.

Future Activity:

  • We took several pictographs of the assassin. Hopefully Number 2 can identify her, or at least her origin and intentions.
  • Vorgen remains at large; his recapture would be most helpful before the rest of House Vorgen arrive.

Crew Commendations:

  • Mr Lorrayne displayed the sheer power of his mechanical modifications. The guards’ bullets bounced off him like so many flies, and when he decapitated an opponent with his mighty power fist, sending his burning corpse hurtling into his (very flammable) allies, their fight was over.
  • Mr Brannt showed exceptional bravery and skill, fearlessly engaging a power-sword armed assassin with only his bare hands, and successfully subduing her.

Discipline Notes:

  • The teleportarium crew badly mishandled their job, losing a valuable prisoner. I expect Mr Lorrayne to focus his efforts on training the crew, to eliminate mistakes like this in the future. The teleportarium is too valuable a tool to be unreliable!

Personal Observations:

  • I grow anxious for the arrival of House Vorgen. With the Grey Area fighting fit, I’m itching for a chance to bloody the nose of Vorgen, and grow the fortunes of House Ramirez.
  • Good to put on armour and get some physical exercise. Nothing quite as invigorating as blasting someone who jolly well deserves it!
Captain's Ledger, 9 1611 014.M41

Thought for the Day: Facts are chains that bind perception and fetter truth. For a man can remake the world if he has a dream and no facts to cloud his mind.

Transaction Record:

  • After a somewhat tense exchange, we successfully negotiated with Lady Anastasia following our engagement with the Tyranid craft. We convinced her that a conflict between ourselves would be unprofitable, and furthermore that it was only our mighty psyker who prevented the Tyranid hive from awakening.
  • After leaving the system, a catalog of our haul of archaeotech turned up several items of note: a finely crafted power-fist, delicately balanced; a strange suit of chitinous armour, with stealth capability; and a large sealed vault and matching key.
  • The vault contained an amazing prize; a portion of an ancient star-map, detailing the Expanse. While the device is incomplete, it is a treasure beyond value. If we were to complete it, we would hold the key to immeasurable wealth and power.
  • Arriving at our destination, I thought it prudent to leave the strange golden sarcophagus in deep space, where it could be retrieved at a later date. However, it then occurred to me that it was a far better plan to keep it close, and bring it in system. Most of the bridge crew agreed, so it appears to have been the wisest plan.
  • Successfully negotiated the return of Tristan Vorgen to his family. While the Thrones in our vaults were excellent recompense, the look of disappointment on his father’s face was even more precious. I suspect, however, that we have made few friends in that dynasty!
  • Met with Crimson, to conclude our business dealings. Given her pick of the archeotech we returned with (less, of course, the incomplete star-map), she took the sarcophagus away with her. I was both reluctant to let it go, and strangely relieved to have it off our ship. Most curious.
  • We also discussed with Crimson the current state of the system. Neither of us has any desire for a more “restrictive” rulership, and we are both well aware of the potential profits to be made from things as they stand. I think we have an understanding, and her criminal network backed with our ship could make for a very strong force in the sector.
  • We brought our beloved Grey Area into drydock, to be repaired of the damage suffered during our encounter. The crew are availing themselves of the planet’s bars and brothels, and the deck-masters are busy recruiting to replace our fallen shipmates. The bridge crew are also taking advantage of the time in port to acquire items to assist in our journey.
  • The mighty claw of the Tyranid vessel is being mounted in our trophy hold; jolly impressive it is too!

Future Activity:

  • Repairs to the Gray Area continue. With the crew replenished, and their morale in fine form after our glorious victory and subsequent celebrations, we now await the completion of the refurbishment of our armour.
  • Sales of the recovered archaeotech to the eager markets of the system bring more Thrones into our coffers. There are plenty of eager buyers for the trinkets we collected. A most profitable venture!
  • The portion of the star-map we recovered is only part of the puzzle. If we can track down the remainder, and have the device fully functional, the Expanse is ours for the taking!
  • We also seek a warp-capable tug to bring the grand cruiser back to dock; I am in the process of negotiating the hire of such a vessel.

Crew Commendations:

  • Vendegroth played a vital role in convincing Anastasia that his mighty will alone held back the full wrath of the Tyranid hive. If she had decided to betray our agreement, the resulting combat could have been… unpleasant.
  • Mr Lorrayne is managing the repairs to the Gray Area superbly. His technical knowledge and contacts in the forges are proving invaluable. With luck, his tinkering with the confiscated power armour will also soon see fruition.
  • Mr Brannt successfully maintained discipline on board the ship, providing both a reassuring presence for the crew and physical protection for the bridge. In addition, he successfully led the armsmen to repel the Tyranid boarders who made it onto our beloved Gray Area.
  • And Number Two continues to be an invaluable source of advice, contacts, and information. Without his encyclopedic knowledge and web of agents, our negotiations with Lady Anastasia, the Vorgen Dynasty, and Crimson would have been fraught with peril.

Discipline Notes:

  • The new crew members taken on board are to be screened, and watched carefully. While most will be overjoyed at the chance to leave the hive for the dark expanse of space, we must be vigilant for anyone seeking to infiltrate our ship.
  • The sarcophagus seemed to cause some dissension within the crew; I hope none of them were weak-willed enough to have been influenced by it!

Personal Observations:

  • Despite the loss of their captain, and subsequent deaths by warp horror, the crew of the Stately Rook seem determined to follow the Gray Area. The Warp is indeed a strange and accursed place; it chills my heart to ponder the blasphemies to which they are being subjected.
  • On the positive side of the ledger, I cannot think of a more deserving fate of the Tyranid hive than being devoured by that very same warp abomination!
  • First the potential salvage of a grand cruiser, and now the discovery of possibly the most valuable archaeotech item we could hope to discover. The future for the Ramirez dynasty is looking bright!
Captain's Ledger, 9 2610 014.M41

Thought for the Day: No man died in the Emperor’s service that died in vain

Transaction Record:

  • Retrieved a strange artifact from the planet’s surface; a golden sarcophagus housing a human baby, engraved with a message that this is a clone of the Blessed Emperor himself! Vendegroth tells me it is howling with psychic energy. I’m unsure if it was wise to bring it aboard, but it is too valuable to leave behind.
  • A week of scavenging the ruins has filled our holds with a dizzying array of archaeotech items. Most will be of little value, but already we have found some items of great interest. Further examination is definitely in order.
  • We also have acquired some potentially very valuable information. After a fierce battle, we have proof positive of the existence of these Tyranids, as well as their strange biological vessels and their tactics and capabilities in combat. I imagine there will be several parties quite interested in this information.

Future Activity:

  • Our most pressing matter is convincing our erstwhile ally Anastasia not to take advantage of our temporarily weakened state. This will certainly require some delicate negotiation…
  • The Grey Area also needs some significant repairs after our battle. While no critical systems were damaged, the hull armour needs urgent attention. We will likely need to leave the system very shortly.
  • The haul of archaeotech needs to be examined for useful items. In particular, the large sealed vault that appears to match the key we located earlier seems especially promising.

Crew Commendations:

  • Nearly 6000 crew were lost during the engagement. A memorial service will be held to honour their memory, and their names inscribed on the Roll of Fallen Heroes in the chapel. Their sacrifice will not be forgotten.
  • The bridge crew of The Grey Area performed admirably, with cool heads and dedication. Mr Lorrayne pushed the ship to her limits, coaxing the utmost from the engine crews and her machine spirit. Vendegroth’s skill with the augurs allowed us to identify and target the Tyranid threats, and his disruption of their psychic connection proved pivotal in our victory. Number Two commanded the helmsmen with a voice of iron and the steady hand of a combat veteran. And Mr Brantt’s precision co-ordination of the gunnery crews and our mighty macrobatteries allowed us to deal the enemy a fatal blow. All of them are to be commended for their heroic actions; when we reach civilization again, rewards are definitely in order.
  • Also of note is their willingness to speak their minds, even when they are in disagreement with their Captain. I value their opinions in all matters, and though the decision to engage was ultimately mine, I thank them for both their different points of view, and their loyalty in service of House Ramirez.

Discipline Notes:

  • The crew’s morale is somewhat shaken after our engagement. A period of shore leave and relaxation is definitely in order once we make it back to a safe port.
  • Any crew member found to be intentionally weakening morale, or contemplating sedition and mutiny, will be dealt with summarily.

Personal Observations:

  • By the Throne, Number Two was right about the threat the Tyranids pose! I have encountered many dangerous xenos in my time, but nothing like these abominations. The Emperor only knows how many more of them lurk within that hive planet…
  • That said, we were so close to a crushing victory! The crew performed marvelously, and but for a couple of unlucky turns, we could have escaped unscathed. Still, fortune favours the bold, and now we must play the hand we have been dealt.
  • It pains me sorely to abandon a prize like a grand cruiser. Perhaps there is yet some way to get her back to dock?
Captain's Ledger, 9 1910 014.M41

Thought for the Day: Study the alien, the better to kill it

Transaction Record:

  • Made contact with a group of rather bedraggled pirates, stranded in-system since losing their warp drive. They have agreed to work with us, helping to locate interesting ruins and avoid unfriendly forces, in return for our help in leaving the system
  • And the void-ship of these stranded pirates? Nothing less than a Grand Cruiser! The potential salvage alone, let alone getting it running again…
  • After exploring a remarkable ruin on the main inhabitable planet, we located several archaeotech items, including a jump-pack, a power fist, a rather handsome set of chitin armour, and a key-shaped object of unknown purpose. The crew will analyse these when opportunity presents.

Future Activity:

  • Located a strange, organic planetoid, that appears to be composed entirely of xenos creatures. Despite their mere existence being mostly rumour, Number Two identified them as Tyranids. Their fearsome reputation is one thing, but actually encountering them sends a chill to my very core. Must recommend Exterminatus, to be carried out by a suitable authority.
  • Unfortunately, the hive planet has its own agenda, and has sent out a projectile of some kind, likely some hideous organic ship. We have a week to prepare ourselves; Throne protect us!
  • Continue to scout the system for potential components to get the Grand Cruiser space-worthy; even if we have to tow it to port, what a prize it would make!

Crew Commendations:

  • Vendigroth plundered the memories of the pirate Rufus, ensuring no treachery or duplicity was planned. I have no idea how he wields these powers, and Emperor be praised, hope never to have to.
  • Number Two has done fine work, scouring the Librarium for any mention of these Tyranids. I fear we may need this knowledge sooner rather than later.
  • Mr Lorrayne successfully retrieved a number of cogitator storage devices from the ancient Imperial ruins. With the Emperor’s blessing, hopefully he can wrest some information from them to aid us, or at least explain what has happened here.
  • Mr Brantt deftfly handled the organisation and deployment of our armsmen; his dedication to the safety of the crew is admirable.

Discipline Notes:

  • Ensign Roy displayed a frankly insubordinate manner; some time in Squadron D may cause him some self-reflection.

Personal Observations:

Emperor be praised, a Grand Cruiser! Throne, imagine the acclaim if House Ramirez could field such a craft! It would require significant repairs, but think of the rewards…

By my count, there are currently at least three warp-capable vessels in-system; The Grey Area, Anastasia’s Black Attitude, and Tristan’s Stately Rook (though currently missing a Gellar Field). If we could make the Rook warp safe, and locate a replacement Gellar Field for the Grand Cruiser, we may have enough power to get our impromptu armada safely back to civilization. I wonder what the most efficacious method to persuade Anastasia’s compliance would be?

Also, the presence of archaeotech items in the ruins suggests a potential treasure trove. Hopefully, we can avail ourselves of it before these thrice-damned xenos force our hand!

Explorators Log #2
I do hate the Warp sometimes...

So after dropping off our cache of weapons on some back water ice ball, it actually turns out that we are resupplying the Imperial forces themselves. As they aim to over throw the would be governor of this sector who is to corrupt even for the Imperiums taste.

Of course our Captain instantly see’s how a profit could be turned here and strikes a deal to keep the supplies rolling in to the imperial guard forces and was rewarded with a squad of guardsmen to add to our crew. Of course our Captain intends to play both sides and…. Actually I don’t care what the silly meat bags get up to. Buying and selling, profit and lose, I care not for these things… Stupid Humans….

What does concern me is while in the warp, on our way to the Archnotech star maps coordinates, I was stuck by a vision our ship being turned into a sickening living organism!! It’s sleek hull replaced with skin, it’s metallic inners replaced with bone and sinew, the hum of the engine drowned out by the pulse of a heart beat… Truly one of my worst fears ever, beautiful tech replaced with weak flesh. Thankfully I managed to shake these hallucinations off!

During this time we found we were being followed by 2 other Trader ships and after a search of the ship we located a pair of homing beacons, around this time we were forced to drop out of the Warp early as something huge (and one can only guess unfriendly) was heading towards us.

Upon dropping out of the warp we found it was Anastasia Vicktrix and XXXXXXXX, who were trying to best us to the Archontech treasure!
Of course we could not let this happen and we quickly came up with a plan to run “dead” as it were and thereby making our pursuers think we had jumped again, forcing them to do the same.

This tactic only worked on XXXXXXXX who as it later turned out jumped only to encounter the entity that we dropped out of the warp to avoid in the 1st place. Let us just say his ship did not fare well…

We “invited” Captain XXXXXX to join us while his ship was undergoing “repairs”…. well this is what the rest of the officers said but I must be misunderstanding the situation as it seems that we have taken Captain XXXXXX prisoner and will be selling him back to his family at the first chance we get…. I truly do not understand the subtleties of the fleshy ones sometimes…
One the plus side, Captain XXXXXX did bring over an escort with him, who were armed with 2 full power armour suits! I nearly flooded my robes with lubricant at the sight of these!

Of course we liberated these suits of armour for our own purposes. I am already in the process of re-sizing one of the suits for our ships Arch-Militant while the other I plan to either use myself or graft on to one of the recently acquired Imperial guards men, mind whip him and then rig some kind of remote control implant within his skull, I have yet to decide which option is more beneficial as yet.

Next we turn our attention to Anastasia Vicktrix…

Captain's Ledger, 9 0510 014.M41

Thought for the Day: A fine mind is a blessing of the Emperor – it should not be cluttered with trivialities.

Transaction Record:

  • Successfully delivered our cargo of Imperial Guard weaponry to a Throne-foresaken iceball in the outer system. Delivery taken by one Major Dalton, who is apparently provisioning a Guard contingent to overthrow corrupt planetary governor XXX. Payment recieved in full; several million thrones deposited to the Petty Transactions treasury. Also acquired a score of trained Guardsmen; they will be assimilated into the Grey Area’s marines.
  • The real achievement was in negotiating an ongoing delivery agreement. Some masterful negotiating by Number Two resulted in a very rewarding payment rate; Dalton must be desperate. Additionally, we are well positioned to be in favour with the Imperial presence should the purge succeed, or to inform the governor of the Guard base should they prove unequal to the task. Jolly good show all round.
  • Tristan Vorgen, fellow rogue trader and Captain of the Stately Rook, was rescued from his badly damaged ship. He is now our “esteemed guest”; I’m sure his family will be very grateful when we are able to deliver him safely back to them.

Future Activity:

  • Locate a source of armaments with which to supply Major Dalton. Crimson may prove a viable supplier?
  • Add a detailed auspex scan of the ship to our pre-departure routine. Can’t be having any bounders trailing us in the Warp again.
  • The possibility of combat is imminent; ensure the murder-servitors are in peak condition, and the point-defense crews are well drilled.

Crew Commendations:

  • The Grey Area has been in dock for a while, but thanks to our dauntless Explorator, everything was running perfectly. It appears his… “experiments” are keeping him in a good mood; will let that continue for now.
  • Vendigroth selflessly volunteered to accompany Mr Brantt on the shuttle, despite the potential danger. Well done that man.
  • The engine-crew of Mersey Deck carried out the silent running actions flawlessly; an extra ration of grog for them!

Discipline Notes:

  • Both Mr Brantt and Number Two failed to detect the tracking beacons; perhaps a review of ship security is in order?
  • Vendigroth selflessly volunteered to accompany Mr Brantt on the shuttle, despite the potential danger. Quite out of character; keep an eye on him.

Personal Observations:

A successful several weeks; a delivery completed, a new customer, and a high-value ransom. The crew are performing admirably; I think after our lengthy spell in dock, they are fair itching to get back into action.

The breach in our security is troubling; while our machinations appear to have taken Vorgen out of the running, we will still need to deal with Mistress Anastasia. That damnable woman has the jump on us, and Emperor take me, I’ll not let her get first chance at whatever lies in this system. Fortunately, the Grey Area is much quicker than her ship; fates willing, we’ll beat her there yet!


A most satisfactory day’s trading with the Imperial Guard. The poor devils are so desperate for supplies, their Commanding Officer, Major Dalton, barely stopped to read the fineprint when we settled a trade deal with them.

The lucky dozen guardsmen that were part of the transaction must have felt like the Emperor’s chosen, getting off that iceball.

Normally Imperial presence in-system would mean annoying oversight on trade, but war means profit, and it will be joyous to see that pig of a Governor sweat – figuratively speaking…

A sharp lesson in double-checking consignment.
Somehow Tristan and Anastasia both managed to track us through the Warp, using beacons on one of our cargo hauls.

If Bones hadn’t alerted us, their combined firepower could have reduced us to wreckage. As it was, the Kapitan had enough time to formulate a plan to ruse them.

As soon as we dropped out of Warp, the Grey Area’s superior manoeuvrability and speed allowed us to buy time to put the plan into effect, while the Kapitan hailed the damnable swine.

The Explorator and Astropath were able to mesh skills beyond my ken and fake a Warp jump, while we rigged the ship to run silent until we were out of immediate danger.

Tristan took the bait and fatally entered the warp –apparently without coherent co-ordinates- immediately losing their Navigator and Gellar Field, leaving them wide open to the full brunt of the Chaos within.

By the time we resumed scanning, Tristan’s ship was a disabled hulk, and he was more than ready to abandon ship and become our hostage.
The Emperor’s mercy on any of his crew if any Chaos entities followed them out. We shall be sure to spread the word on the self-serving actions of their Kapitan.

On a less pleasing note, even though the Black Attitude was unable to track us, Anastasia apparently guessed our ruse and stayed in-system, getting a head start on the search for the prize.

Engineers log – Supplemental

During an away mission where our ship was looking for contacts or rather contracts, to future trade deals, an epiphany struck me.

If I am to ascend past having my soul tied to a weak meat sack of a body, I should learn what makes flesh and bone so susceptible to damage and decay. Simple reverse engineering, so far I have even learn a thing or two that surprises me about skin and bone…

Case in point, while we were negotiating a deal planet side, a rather large sweaty man burst through the cantinas door, blubbering something about killing another an equally sweaty patron of the bar.

(Side note: I should review vid footage from my eye recorder to flush out the detail on this)

Now it appeared the 1st sweaty man had a rather large explosive device strapped to himself and then started running towards the 2nd sweaty man .

(Side note: I do find it hard to tell these meat suits apart sometimes…)

At this point he was crippled by a shot from the pistol of our ships 2nd, which brought the man to his knees. Quickly followed up by a shot to the head from our Captain. Now this is where my interest actually peaked, upon having his head exploded, sweaty man #1 actually got up and started running around in a random circuit of sorts for about 20 seconds.

It is this kind of thing that I wish to look into, for instance imagine the tactical benefits of being able to complete a task after suffering a fatal wound!

How did this moist sack of meat manage stay on his feet!?!

Upon recovering from the would be attack, the intended target, proclaimed that all the attackers family, friends and neighbors would be exterminated, he then had a change of heart and proclaimed that 20,000 people to lived in the same area were to be put to death…

Ahhh meat suits how emotional and impractical you all are.

This did afford me an opportunity however to further my research, once back on the ship I ported around 2 dozen people from the affected area aboard and have been carrying out experiments trying to reproduce the above incident… So far I have had little luck with my various decapitation and head implosion experiments.

But my work in this area will have to wait, we have been “delivered” a Archantech star map, with coordinates to a proverbial lost treasure chest of items from the past or so we would be lead to believe…

I am sure this map comes with a huge amount of strings attached to it and may quite possibly spell the doom of us all but if someone is will to give away (or steal and then pass on…) a map that itself is worth a star ship, there must be some truth in what they are promising.

Of course we are all sceptical of the situation but greed, desire and curiosity are powerful motivators…


Promising leads from that fat fvck Planetary Governor’s casino. Not my preferred kind of employer generally, but the right kind do float into his substantial orbit.

As well as potential business partners, I believe I noticed ranking officials of the Ecclesiarchy and the Adeptus Arbites. Hypocrites. At least we never misrepresent our morals, hence the name of our illustrious vessel.

It was a neat bit of work by the Kapitan and [the Arch-militant], dispatching a would-be suicide bomber before he could assassinate the governor. Should earn us some favour, though I wonder if the governors demise wouldn’t have been more enjoyable. Certainly for the poor bastrds on security detail.

Unfortunate however, that in the resulting commotion, I was unable to trail the contact that left us the vox and an enticing lead regarding a star map.

Between the lead and the gun-running job, things could have been worse, but I am glad to get off this rotten Hive world and back to the comforting warp-drive hum of the Grey Area.

The map-case we beamed aboard is even more intriguing than first guessed. The opening mechanism hints of ArcheoTech, lending credence to it’s authenticity, as did the identity of our employer in this matter, once we worked it out.
I know the Kapitan would like to have first choice of the spoils, but Crimson is not to be crossed.
She may seem like just a spirited girl, but it takes ice in your veins to be the kingpin of a system like this


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