The Grey Area

Captain's Ledger, 9 1101 015.M41

Thought for the Day: What fear of death have we who know there is immortality in the great and noble deeds of men?

Transaction Record:

  • The lovely Crimson provided us with the location of Tristan Vorgen within the Underhive, so Mr Brannt, Mr Lorrayne, and I decided to “re-acquire” him as a potential bargaining chip in our up-coming conflict.
  • After infiltrating the Underhive through the, ugh, waste transit network, we located Vorgen’s potential hideout. Half a dozen guards were situated outside. A brief firefight ensued, which ended with us subduing a masked figure wielding two fine power swords. While we initially supposed this to be Vorgen, it was instead revealed to be a female assassin of unknown provenance.
  • Once she was rendered unconscious, we teleported her back to the Grey Area for interrogation. However, due to an unfortunate teleportarium mishap, she did not arrive as intended; or, for that matter, at all.

Future Activity:

  • We took several pictographs of the assassin. Hopefully Number 2 can identify her, or at least her origin and intentions.
  • Vorgen remains at large; his recapture would be most helpful before the rest of House Vorgen arrive.

Crew Commendations:

  • Mr Lorrayne displayed the sheer power of his mechanical modifications. The guards’ bullets bounced off him like so many flies, and when he decapitated an opponent with his mighty power fist, sending his burning corpse hurtling into his (very flammable) allies, their fight was over.
  • Mr Brannt showed exceptional bravery and skill, fearlessly engaging a power-sword armed assassin with only his bare hands, and successfully subduing her.

Discipline Notes:

  • The teleportarium crew badly mishandled their job, losing a valuable prisoner. I expect Mr Lorrayne to focus his efforts on training the crew, to eliminate mistakes like this in the future. The teleportarium is too valuable a tool to be unreliable!

Personal Observations:

  • I grow anxious for the arrival of House Vorgen. With the Grey Area fighting fit, I’m itching for a chance to bloody the nose of Vorgen, and grow the fortunes of House Ramirez.
  • Good to put on armour and get some physical exercise. Nothing quite as invigorating as blasting someone who jolly well deserves it!



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