The Grey Area

Captain's Ledger, 9 0802 015.M41

Thought for the Day: Only the awkward question; only the foolish ask twice.

Transaction Record:

  • Having reached the emergency beacon of the Void Shark, we arrived to witness the Gargoyle emerging from the Warp, aflame and badly damaged. Shortly thereafter, the warp core exploded, taking the frigate with it. Of the Void Shark, there was no sign, despite the beacon continuing to broadcast.
  • Our navigator peered into the Warp to try to ascertain the cause of this accident. Nothing appeared to explain the damage, but in the Warp, the seemingly-intact Optic lay before us.
  • With all three of the Vorgen ships accounted for, we returned to the starport to regroup. We located a warp-tug to collect the grand cruiser, and took advantage of the downtime to refit the Grey Area’s warp drive with the archaeotech engine we liberated from the space pirates.
  • With the refit completed, and awaiting the arrival of the warp-tug, we returned to investigate the Optic. After examining the ship from the Warp, and observing the Gellar Field was still intact, we decided to board and investigate.
  • After bringing the vessel back to real-space, we formed a boarding party to claim the ship. We landed without incident, and quickly located the engine room and bridge. No sign of any crew at all; Number Two has examined the ship’s log, so hopefully he will have some answers for us soon.

Future Activity:

  • Once we have control of the Optic, we need to get her crewed and resupplied. That will give us some significant firepower!
  • When the warp-tug arrives, we will rendezvous with the grand cruiser, and tow her back to port too.
  • With a new warp drive, the Grey Area has the space and surplus power for some new upgrades. Must talk to some contacts about what we can source.
  • Once Number Two has deciphered the Optic’s log, we’ll need to determine what happened to the crew.
  • And we have rumours of the location of another portion of the Star Map. Definitely a high priority to follow up!

Crew Commendations:

  • The crew have remained calm in the face of adversity, worked hard to overcome the obstacles in our path, and have not been afraid to voice dissenting opinions. Jolly good work all round!

Discipline Notes:


Personal Observations:

  • With the immediate threat of the Vorgen Dynasty subverted, and several grand opportunities for profit beckoning, now is the time to strike! Destiny is calling, and House Ramirez will not be found wanting.



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